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Sittingbourne, Kent, UK -- SWEEEP Kuusakoski is the "world`s first" company to have a genuine sustainable solution for leaded cathode ray tube (CRT) recycling. The innovative CRT recycling furnace can extract lead from up to ten tonnes of funnel glass per day - the glass from approximately 60 tonnes of televisions. The unique recycling furnace allows to remove approximately one kg of lead per screen in a safe and environmentally sustainable way and create added value products from the remaining molten glass.

As online-Magazine letsrecycle describes, the crushed television glass is fed into the furnace and heated to over 1000 degrees centigrade by special electrodes. A chemical compound is added which causes the lead to sink and the glass to rise to the top.

Been installed at a cost of £2 million (€2.48 m) at Sittingbourne, the technology has no emissions, creates no waste and avoids export of hazardous material from the UK, according to SWEEEP Kuusaksoki. Meanwhile, the company has established sustainable markets for all three streams generated from the recycling process.

European legislation classifies television and computer screens as Hazardous Waste. Under the Landfill Directive, CRTs cannot be disposed of in ordinary waste landfill. Added to this, the WEEE Directive makes it obligatory to recycle this electronic waste.

In the UK alone, a conservative estimate suggests there are approximately 60 million TV sets and 40 million computer screens. The sheer volume of waste created, combined with the strict legislation, ensures the SWEEEP Kuusaksoki process is essential in the UK’s fight to safely and easily recycle leaded CRT glass. Globally there are at least 1.9 billion CRTs still in use so this is a waste stream that is going to remain an issue for many years to come.

Quelle: SWEEEP Kuusaksoki

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